In order for your school to successfully participate in the Conservation Cup competition, you’ll need to be able to meet the following program participation requirements.

To enable our school to run a successful competition, we understand that we must:

SEEP and Energy Dashboard

  • Have signed up to the Torque IP managed SEEP (School Energy Efficiency
    Programme) initiative
  • Have Torque IP install a smart meter and Energy Dashboard on your campus to monitor the electricity consumption in real time
  • Ensure that an internal energy champion (staff member or student council) is made familiar with the Energy Dashboard and how the competition works.

Marketing & outreach

  • Take advantage of program guidance materials
  • Widely publicise and encourage participants to visit our school’s Energy Dashboard website so that they know how their school is doing and are motivated to keep reducing
  • Promote participation in our campus competition through the use of tools such as prizes, special events, social media, signage, removable stickers, and the establishment of social norms.


As competition participants, you’ll receive a link to a personalised Energy Dashboard Network such as the ones listed on here . Have a look for a preview of what yours will look like!

The Energy Dashboard can be set up only once the smart meters are installed in your main electrical switch board of your school.