To Winning

Ask a Torque IP staff member to clarify how this competition can work for you.
Or, review the CC2015 website to learn more about the competition and the benefits of participation.

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Work with our facilitators to plan and prepare for the competition.

Set the foundation for a successful competition by completing the first five steps in the CC 2015 Planning Guide:

  1. Find a lead Energy Champion
  2. Form an Energy Committee
  3. Pencil in micro campaigns ideas provided to you before the competition days
  4. Identify your goals with the help of any resources made available to you by Torque IP
  5. Gain broad support – Get buy-in from key campus staff and leaders, such as your senior leadership team and facilities staff


Start getting ready for competition days. Preparation will get you an advantage

The CC Competition Planning Guide, BuildingOS Guide, and Marketing & Behavior Change Guide will walk you through the remaining planning stages step by step:

  1. Decide on how widespread you want this to be, students only or wider community involvement
  2. Focus on the categories you want to win
  3. Choose your own internal awards, prizes, and other incentives above and beyond the CC prize pool
  4. Develop a marketing & behaviour change plan
  5. Create a media coverage plan
  6. Nominate yourself to be a guest blogger and choose a subject
  7. Choose themes/topics of preference for poster and video creation
  8. Assign key students to assist with monitoring and encouraging change before and during competition days
  9. Torque IP will provide you with a number of suggestions to try in isolation for one teaching space or block to show the cause and effect via the live measurements on our Energy Dashboard
  10. Create an evaluation criteria

To Win

Run the competition your way

Put your plans into action and reap the benefits of all of your hard work! Oh, and give yourself a pat of the back for changing the behaviour of hundreds (or maybe thousands?!) of individuals in your community for the better. You run the competition the way you want it to run. Integrate it with curriculum or as a standalone activity. Every bit of effort from all stakeholders within the school will help. Make it count during competition days to better your chances of coming out on top. Last of all, enjoy yourselves.