Three Sustainable School Holiday Ideas

Woohoo, the school holidays are upon us! Although your Conservation Cup efforts might be drawing to an end, it doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to the sustainable choices you make day-to-day. Here are some fun, boredom-killing ideas for your holiday period that won’t harm the environment.

1. Get crafty

Create something new out of something old. It means you get brownie points for reusing and recycling, plus you get something nice at the end. Create an uber-cool magazine holder out of recycled plastic bottles (find out how here); make an adorable jewellery organiser out of egg cartons, too (guys, these things make great gifts!); or a make an air plant holder out of an old glass bottle.

2. Plant a vegetable garden

Summer’s coming, which means it’s time to plant your vegetable garden. Growing your own vegetables is fun, sustainable and delicious. To get started, all you’ll need is a decent plot of garden. Choose the sunniest spot with fairly fine soil. Clay is a great nutrient for your summer crops, but it’s not ideal for winter because it sits cold and wet. Next, you’ll want to make sure your plot is slug and snail free. To do this, keep the area neat and tidy by clearing weeds and get rid of the places where the pests hide.

3. Board games

There’s nothing quite like getting your friends together for an old-fashioned board game. Invite your friends over for afternoon tea and ask each of them to bring their favourite board game; you’re bound to have a great time and you won’t consume a whole lot of power while you’re at it!

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