Save Our Oceans

There’s a big, deep blue sea out there and we’re treating it like a rubbish bin. More than 80 per cent of litter in our oceans is created by you and I on land, and most of this is plastic. Not only is it affecting our environment – our wildlife and ecosystems – but it also has an impact on our economy. Here’s a bit of a rundown on what’s happening out there.

There are plenty of fish in the sea…

But at the rate we’re polluting our waters, they won’t be around for long. Get this: one million seabirds and one-hundred thousand marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution. The survival of hundreds of rare and beautiful species, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal and Loggerhead Turtle, is threatened by our rubbish. And because the wildlife is endangered, it means our ecosystems are in trouble.

We’re harming ourselves, too...

Plastic soaks up nasty, toxic chemicals, which makes them a million times more concentrated. When they enter the food chain, these pollutants accumulate, resulting in an even higher concentration of pollutants inside fish, including the ones we eat! Research shows that there are links between the nasty chemicals and cancer, malformation and impaired reproductive ability.

And the big picture…

Pollution in our waters is also costing our fishing, shipping and tourism industries more than $19 billion each year. Imagine what you could do with all that money!

So what can you do to help? Let’s try to stop rubbish from reaching our water in the first place. Recycle and never litter. And if you’re passionate about our ocean, perhaps you could get involved with Sustainable Coastlines, an uber-cool charity that works to inspire, educate and enable people to look after our coastlines.

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