Wow! How fast this last month seems to have sped by. It seems like just yesterday that we were having our Conservation Cup practice!

But it has been challenging, whether it’s switching it off or not charging our devices at school, we have all been involved in the Conservation Cup!

As a school we have worked together to make our awesome school even more amazing and environment friendly. Now we know the importance of switching off that one light switch. You just have to look at the money stats to see this.

The boilers have been our biggest problem, with the Dunedin winter taking its toll. The boiler system makes our school cosy overnight by heating the water, that flows through our heaters, with electric heaters. Once the boilers are turned off for the year we can’t turn them back on again until 2016. We’ve managed to bring our power consumption down by working around this major obstacle though.

At Otago Girl’s we love to help the environment and cutting down our power consumption is one great way to support and keep up that importance of the school.

Now at Otago Girl’s High School we’ve learnt small things amount to big things; whether you’re working in a group of by yourself.
So whenever we see an over worked light bulb, we SWITCH IT OFF!

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