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Here at John Paul College we are doing are best to save power. We recently found out that our new building (Bishop Denis Browne Centre) has the potential to hold photovoltaic system which will help us save a huge amount of money and power.

In the Hamilton Diocese we have a number of buildings using solar energy and a very helpful and skilfull person has offered to help us install solar panels in our school.

He has installed a number of solar panels in the following buildings:

  • St Mary’s parish centre, Gisborne
  • St Mary’s parish hall, Rotorua
  • Te Ara Hou Christian Village, Hillcrest, Hamilton
  • Tyburn Monastery, Ngakuru, RD1 Rotorua.

Benefits of having solar panels

  • Helps to slow/stop global warming
    Global warming is the huge contributor of the melting of ice in the North and South poles which causes the rise of water level. The rising of water level threatens the atolls in the Pacific Islands which leads to the endangerment of   human and animal existence.
  • Generates Electricity
    Energy produced by solar panels help in running appliances, lighting, heating, cooling, etc. Through this we save a lot of money and contribute in saving our planet
  • Renewable Source of Energy
    Solar power is a renewable source of energy because even if the sun is not out (cloudy, night time) we can still rely for power the next day. Solar energy can also be stored which is a great advantage especially for schools, workplaces.

For more information about solar energy visit these sites:


School image 1 School image 2

Our Bishop Denis Browne centre, is a good place to install solar panels because of its flat surface; good light magnet. It is also in a good location where no huge buildings or trees are blocking the sunlight.

In both of our opinions we think that solar panels are a great investment to John Paul College. We reckon that even though solar panels can be quite expensive it is still good because it will pay of in the long run.





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