Conservation Cup Recap

The 2015 Conservation Cup has drawn to an end and we’re astonished by the efforts of our participants! A big hats off to John Paul College, supreme winner of the 2015 Conservation Cup Secondary Division and the Bluestone School, supreme winner of the Primary/ Intermediate Division!

A big ups to our runners’ up, too: St Paul’s Collegiate School (Secondary Division) and Opawa School (Primary/ Intermediate Division). The Weekend Warrior award went to Kaiapoi High School, who had the biggest weekend reduction. The Biggest Blogger award went to Otago Girls’ High School. The Publicity Pro Secondary Division award went to Riccarton High School, while Sancta Maria College was the runner up. Last but not least, the Best Poster Award went to Otago Girls’ High School (Secondary Division) and John Paul College (Primary/Intermediate Division).

Together, 30 schools from around New Zealand saved more than 122, 600 kWh of energy and a total of $24,265.40 in 673 hours; that’s equivalent to running a lightbulb continuously for 187 years, lighting a typical classroom for 77 years, powering a typical primary school for 11 months or powering a typical secondary school for two months. And if we talk energy in calories, schools saved the equivalent energy of 371,559 Cheeseburgers, 262,746 pies or 217,659 sausage rolls!

Thank you to everyone who took place in this year’s Conservation Cup, we hope you learned plenty, had a good time and enjoy your various prizes!

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