Save Our Oceans

There’s a big, deep blue sea out there and we’re treating it like a rubbish bin. More than 80 per cent of litter in our oceans is created by you and I on land, and most of this is plastic. Not only is it affecting our environment – our wildlife and ecosystems – but it […]

What is Social Enterprise?

They say good things take time. But they are also the product of a bunch of other things, too. Social enterprise is all about doing good things through business ventures and a lot of hard graft, and there’s a lot of it going on right here in little old New Zealand. Basically, social enterprises are […]

Conservation Cup Recap

The 2015 Conservation Cup has drawn to an end and we’re astonished by the efforts of our participants! A big hats off to John Paul College, supreme winner of the 2015 Conservation Cup Secondary Division and the Bluestone School, supreme winner of the Primary/ Intermediate Division! A big ups to our runners’ up, too: St […]

Three Sustainable School Holiday Ideas

Woohoo, the school holidays are upon us! Although your Conservation Cup efforts might be drawing to an end, it doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to the sustainable choices you make day-to-day. Here are some fun, boredom-killing ideas for your holiday period that won’t harm the environment. 1. Get crafty Create something new out […]

John Paul College Blog Entry 3

Insulation, does it make a difference to energy efficiency? There are many types of insulation but the one that we’re interested at is Thermal Insulation in buildings. According to Wikipedia Thermal Insulation reduces unwanted heat loss or gain and can decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems. What makes insulation energy efficient? Insulation […]

John Paul College Blog Entry 2

Here at John Paul College we are doing are best to save power. We recently found out that our new building (Bishop Denis Browne Centre) has the potential to hold photovoltaic system which will help us save a huge amount of money and power. In the Hamilton Diocese we have a number of buildings using […]

John Paul College Blog Entry 1

Sustainability- The Concept Much conversation is arising from the Conservation Cup! As a member of the “Switch it off” Conservation Cup team at John Paul College, Rotorua, and also being involved earlier this year in the Enviro Challenge 2015, I have seen the change that is occurring in our school, from first interests to full […]

Otago Girls’ High School Blog Entry 1

Wow! How fast this last month seems to have sped by. It seems like just yesterday that we were having our Conservation Cup practice! But it has been challenging, whether it’s switching it off or not charging our devices at school, we have all been involved in the Conservation Cup! As a school we have […]