The Goals of
Conservation Cup
Are To:

  • Engage, educate, motivate, and empower students to conserve resources in campus buildings.
  • Foster a culture of conservation within school communities, and propel campus sustainability initiatives.
  • Enable students to develop leadership, community organizing, and career development skills.
  • Achieve measurable reductions in electricity use, preventing thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted.
  • Highlight the ability of behaviour change tools such as competitions, commitments, and social norms, to conserve energy and water.

Host a Four Week
Competition On Your

The core of Conservation Cup (CC) is the competitions hosted by schools across New Zealand. CC uses a competition season model in which participating schools sign up for SEEP then hold a four-week competition at their schools. This year the competition will be in Term 3 in the months of August-September.

Participating schools compete against each other to achieve the highest campus-wide percent reduction in electricity use during the competition period (in comparison to a baseline period chosen by the school’s competition organizing team in consultation with Torque IP).

Steps to Success in
Conservation Cup


Form a team & plan like a champion

The most successful programmes have a dedicated team of students and staff that collaborates to plan and execute the competition.

The competition organizing team at participating schools uses the Plan Your Competition section of the Conservation Cup website, which includes the planning checklist and resources (guides, templates, and more), to get support from the school community, design their competition, and put together plans for publicising their competition, and motivating students and staff to reduce their energy use during the competition.


Implement marketing & behaviour change plan

An effective competition incentivises students to change their behaviour, but shifting behaviour is not always intuitive. A number of psychological ‘tools’ like public commitments, prompts, and social norms are surprisingly effective at promoting environmentally-friendly behaviour. Our extensive Conservation Cup Marketing & Behavior Change Guide helps you understand and utilize these methods.

The key component of your marketing and behaviour change plan will be the Torque Energy Dashboard which should have been installed at the school by now. This is a customized website that allows students to track competition standings, analyse performance, share winning strategies, and commit to taking conservation actions. Each school receives their own Energy Dashboard, for free, as a part of SEEP.


to reduce

Participants compete to reduce their electricity consumption!

For the lead up to the competition month, schools have the opportunity to compete in sub-competitions by creation of conservation themed content. Guest blogging, social media expressions, video and poster creations are just some examples. For more details on competition categories, click here.

Why Host a Conservation Cup
Competition On Your Campus?

Why Host a Conservation Cup Competition On Your Campus?