Conservation Cup is the largest energy reduction competition for schools in New Zealand

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We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Conservation Cup

Our Champions are 

Secondary Division: John Paul College

Primary/Intermediate: Bluestone School

Runners Up

Secondary Division: St Paul’s Collegiate School

Primary/Intermediate: Opawa School

For a complete list of the winning schools please click here.

The 2015 nationwide competition opened learning opportunities for students, staff and the wider community with all schools competing to become New Zealand’s best.

From a prize pool of $10,000 in 2015, scholarship prizes will be made available to the winning schools. Competitors also created and competed with their very own content in the various sub-categories as such guest blogging, video creation and poster competitions to name a few.

The Energy Dashboard is an online educational repository to guide competitors towards the goal of being champions. Engaging and interactive, it is a tool used to educate students about sustainability, energy efficiency and how to measure progress.

Make your energy program a success by creating a school community that values and understand the importance of conservation. Connect with participants by including custom content on the dashboard, and have students commit to simple conservation tasks which teach them how they can individually and collectively play a part in sustainability and lowering consumption.

Use the Conservation Cup and the Energy Dashboard to connect sustainability with modern learning to bring positive change in your school and the wider community.

The Energy Dashboard is a tool for

  • Lowering Consumption
  • Fun and Interactive Learning
  • Science and Technology education
  • Modern Learning Environments
  • Teamwork and Participation
  • Sustainability Projects